200 Club Terms and Conditions

1. In order to raise funds for Norfolk County Cricket Club it has been decided to form a 200 Club

2. The name of the Club shall be "Norfolk County Cricket 200 Club".

3. The objective of the Club shall be to raise funds to assist in the running of Norfolk County Cricket Club.

4. Membership – members of the Cricket Club and friends may on payment of their first subscription set out in Rule 6 become members of the 200 Club.

5. Committee – The affairs of the 200 Club shall be managed by the Executive Committee of Norfolk County Cricket Club, and accounted for in a separate bank account

6. (a) Subscription – Each member shall make an annual subscription of £52 by cheque, or a quarterly payment of £13 by Bankers order if preferred
(b) Any member whose subscription falls into arrears shall automatically be excluded from the draw for prizes referred to in Rule 7.

7. (a) Prizes – Part of the funds of the 200 Club shall be used to provide prizes for members. Prizes will be allocated as follows:-

• Monthly – First Prize £75 Second Prize £25

• In December- additional prizes of £300, £150, £100, £75 and £25

• During the 1st Sunday of each Festival an extra draw is to be made with prizes for £500, £250, £125, £75 & £25.

If the paid-up membership should exceed, or fall below 200, prizes will be adjusted accordingly. If however the paid up membership falls below an operational level, the committee shall have the power to divide the proceeds between the remaining members.

(b) Prizes will be forwarded to the winning members immediately following each draw, and members will not be required to submit a claim. A list of winning members will be sent to every member of the 200 Club at annual intervals, and are published on the website

8. Distribution of surplus funds- After making due provisions for the prizes referred to in Rule 7, all the remaining funds will be allocated by the Committee towards the facilities referred to in Rule 3.

9. New members will be notified of the number allotted to them.


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MCCA Unicorns 3-Day Championship

Northumberland vs Norfolk


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Norfolk Festival 2017

Sun 16th, Mon 17th & Tue 18th July
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Sun 23rd, Mon 24th & Tue 25th July
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Sun 30th, Mon 31st July & Tue 1st August
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